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I’m on a journey & Learning along the way

This newsletter started as a way for me to allow myself to appreciate the different hobbies & ideas that really inspired me. It was a way to stave off the burnout that is so common amongst artists.

But it’s become something more.

Every other week (or slightly less 😅) I get to cherry pick the most interesting/exciting things that I’ve been learning or thinking about and share the best morsels with you.

It’s not just a list of five articles or a link dump, it’s a meaningful entrée into topics like:

  • Painting & the edges between light & shadow
  • Plotting (a la Brandon Sanderson)
  • A note taking system born from thousands of note cards
  • Learning music production
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Productivity
  • …And so much more I haven’t even discovered yet!

The unexpected gift for me has been how many people have reached out and told me they look forward to receiving it!

So let’s spread the inspiration around!

My philosophy on your inbox

My goal is to send you emails so enjoyable that you look forward to receiving them! But there are many reasons you  might decide you don’t want to receive them after allso I welcome you to unsubscribe at any time and for any reason!

If you want to try the list out, but you decide you don’t love it, then I would love nothing more than to stop emailing you!

After all, meaningful “no’s” are one of the best ways to avoid burnout and refill your creative tank! ❤️

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