👋 I’m Stevie, a digital illustrator, aspiring game maker, and a storytelling enthusiast.

I’m curious about how artists & creatives can use the internet to be more prosperous, and I’m exploring ways to share what I’ve learned.


Current Project: I’m teaching myself Unreal Engine 5

Anticipating: Project Zomboid’s Build 42 (which is anticipated to be released in the first half of 2024 👀, but I’m guessing it will just go into unstable beta by then, and we can expect a full release by the end of the year.)

Bonus: here’s my most recent death.

Music: The most mysterious song on the internet, Donor Lens, and Hologram Person by Infinity Frequencies.

Commissions: I’m open to book cover commissions! Contact me to chat!

interviews & appearances

September 8 & 9, 2021 ★ Guest Appearance on Adobe Live for DTIYS with CodiBear Part 1 & Part 2

December 26, 2018 ★ Oneshi Press Interview

October 22, 2018 ★ 3 Part Guest Appearance on the Deep Dive Podcast, Chatting About Silent Hill 2

July 18, 2018 ★ VoyageHouston Interview

June 30, 2017 ★ “Twitch Your Art” Panel at Denver Comic Con


May, 2019 ★ Denver Pop Culture Con

April, 2018 ★ DiNK

October, 2017 ★ TwitchCon

March, 2017 ★ AnomalyCon

March, 2016 ★ AnomalyCon

April, 2015 ★ StarFest

March, 2015 ★ AnomalyCon