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My Favorite Posts

Forget a blog, I’m tending and growing a digital garden🌱.
The posts I write are like a personal wiki, filled with only the thoughts and ideas that I find truly important.

Draw What You Love aka “Just Do It”

When you feel stuck People always ask me where I find motivation to draw, where I go for inspiration, or how I come up with ideas when I’m feeling stuck. When I’m stuck (with anything in my life) I have to reconnect with feeling. Inspiration isn’t just an ephemeral...

Perfectionism, my old friend

Struggling with perfectionism? Watch me live on Twitch and let me know how it affects you. All artists are perfectionists When it comes to the art you just finished, you’re probably never going to overcome the feeling that you failed (in some way). As a new artist,...

Intro to Photoshop: Setting up Your Canvas

Alright, you’ve got Photoshop, now what? A lot of questions come up when you go to start your first project—how many pixels are enough pixels? Is there such a thing as too big or too small? What do all these other knobs and dials on the “New” dialogue mean? I’ll walk...

Hi 👋 I'm Stevie ...

And I’m basking in the human experience, one creation at a time.

I love sharing with others, it’s the reason I stream, make art, and spend hours re-watching Xena with people who haven’t seen it (you know who you are.) I hope that with this website I can share something with you that will truly make your day (or life) better, even if just a smidge.

Please Enjoy SOme of My Recent Illustrations