#StillStudying Mondays at 2pm MST

After hours of painting studies, I wonder if I learned anything. I’m tired working hard & barely improving as an artist so I developed the #StillStudying program to help me really grow.

Everyone says, “study the fundamentals.” The problem with “study the fundamentals” is that, as far as advice goes, it’s wholly unspecific. HOW to study WHICH fundamentals in WHAT ORDER? What if you master anatomy and nothing else? What if you can draw perspective like a BAMF but your ability to set up a composition seems woefully behind?

The truth is, each fundamental could take years to truly master.

#StillStudying is designed to help you focus

Each week, we study one fundamental (anatomy, perspective, color) using one film still from your favorite movie.

  1. At the end of each episode, we vote on next week’s fundamental (anatomy, perspective, color) to study.
  2. Then, throughout the week, you submit stills from your favorite movies that focus on that fundamental to our #stillstudying-stills Discord channel.
  3. Vote on your favorite stills by “reacting” to them with any emote you like. The winner becomes our study topic.

We start each episode with a community feature and showcase the work everyone submitted from last week.

Really grow as an artist

The study involves three steps:

  1. Set your goal
  2. Draw/paint the study using the reference image
  3. Hide your reference image and do it again from memory

If you don’t finish during the #StillStudying stream, work on it throughout the week (you can even stream it using #StillStudying in your title) and turn it in on Discord before the next episode.