Join Me for Self Portrait Day 2017

Looking for inspiration? Watch me live on Twitch to see my progress & others!

Right as the whirlwind of Inktober comes to an end and before I hunker down to write by the seat of my pants for NaNoWriMo, there’s one day I’m keeping my schedule clear for—and you should, too!

Every November 1st is International Self Portrait Day.

This year will be my third time participating, and I’m really exciting. I feel like I’m participating in a lifetime time-lapse project and I hope to have 50 self portraits to show together. I want to invite you to join me and make a self portrait this year. The only rules are: 1) you can use any medium, 2) you have to make your portrait on November 1st and 3) you have to post your portrait on November 1st.

This Year

I’ll be streaming my portrait on In the past I have limited my portraits to a regular 3-4 hour stream. This year I want to give myself more time. I’ll plan to start my stream as early as 12pm MT and go until I’m satisfied with my painting.

Throughout the stream, I want you to share your portraits. If you post it on Twitter, Instagram, DeviantArt, or ArtStation, I want you to send me your links so we can all support each other! I’ll retweet a handful to help you guys get more eyes on your amazing art!

Past Years


This was my first year participating, but not my first self portrait. I knew I wanted to use a mirror for reference, but I didn’t have one available. So I snapped a photo and painted from reference. It was a great practice in replicating what I saw, but I felt like I lost so much depth in the way I rendered the skin.


For my second year I acquired a mirror and painted directly from life. I think there’s a lot more dimension and depth in this piece. I felt worried that it looked less like me than my first portrait, because painting from life is more of a challenge than painting from a flat photo. I decided this year to only paint using mirrors in the future.


I decided to revisit my self-portrait before November 2017. I wanted to update it to match a rebrand in my social media presence. So, in March 2017 I sat down with special blue and pink light bulbs and glowing blue glasses and started on my third self-portrait. It was super fun and the result of using interesting lighting made the portrait even more interesting.

Looking for inspiration? Watch me live on Twitch to see my progress & others!