December 2017 Illustration Challenge

Last year we did an amazing community challenge to do art based on the prompt “winter faun”. Tons of amazing people participated and made beautiful art for their portfolios! Here are a couple examples!


Prompt: Midwinter Magic

This year, let’s do it again! If you’re building an illustration portfolio or you just want to level up your art skills, use this prompt as an opportunity!

The Specifics

  • Aim to spend 10+ hours making an illustration
  • In any medium
  • Inspired by “Midwinter” and “Magic”
  • Interpret as you wish
  • Post the finished piece to #art-drops on Discord or tweet it to me.
  • Have fun!

Sharing progress pictures is highly encouraged, as well!

I’ll be working on my illustration and available to answer any questions on Twitch!