April Illustration Prompt Game

This April, we’re playing an Illustration Prompt Game together. Like our last group prompt, this is a great opportunity If you’re building an illustration portfolio or you just want to level up your art skills!

The Game

  • As a community we picked three random prompts
    • Cerulean Blue (#2956B2) Befuddled Dancer
    • Apricot (#FBCEB1) Disconnected Astronaut
    • Purple (#6441A4) Content Sexy Lumberjack
  • There are two ways to play
    • Way one: pick your favorite prompt and make an illustration based on it
    • Way two: doodle ideas for all three, and pick the one you like the most to make an illustration from

The Specifics

  • Aim to spend 10+ hours making an illustration
  • In any medium
  • Inspired by one of the prompts above
  • Use only the primary color, or add accent colors
  • Interpret as you wish
  • Post the finished piece to #art-drops on Discord or tweet it to me.
  • Have fun!

Sharing progress pictures is highly encouraged, as well!

I’ll be working on my illustration and available to answer any questions on Twitch!